La Licorne

La Licorne is for those who are curious, looking for innovation, creativity and a moment to share. A range designed by Bolle & Cie to offer accessible, convivial wines. La Licorne's unique taste is the result of a subtle blend of innovation and tradition, a unique story handed down from generation to generation for over 150 years. Read more
La Licorne
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L'équipe de cave élaborant les vins la Licorne à Morges.

A work of passion

It's more than a wine: it's a respectful channel run by men and women, people who don't cheat, the result of the work of enthusiasts who like to “do” with their hands.

The production of La Licorne wines is a real team effort: from the winegrowers to the wine merchants and oenologists. Each vintage is subject to careful tastings with respect for the product and its terroir.

Vin emblématique de la marque Licorne en rosé.

An enchanting wine

The opportunity to share, the flavor of a rich moment, just a moment. This memory, this precious moment, is the value of this wine. To make a gift without a false note, such as accompanying a noisy meal with friends, or a family reunion.

A wine that inspires, which continues to make us dream. A local magic, human and authentic.

Each moment has its magic

La Licorne is an enchanting wine that inspires. Part of the local terroir, authentic, uninhibited, it dares to reinvent itself, in keeping with the times.
The Unicorn connects us to the magic of precious moments.