Wine... It's curiosity, it's travel, it's cultures, it's good ideas. We save some for special occasions and others for the unexpected. It means disappointment from time to time, but also great discoveries. It's sharing tips, it's great evenings, full of laughter... and good memories. It's love, it's friends, it's celebrating the work of an artist. It's all these things at once, but it's always an incredible feeling.

Les vins

    Wines and experiences at the Wine family

    Discover our selection of wines on theWinefamily, your Swiss online store dedicated to lovers of authentic and quality wines. Rooted in passion and tradition, we offer you a varied range of wines from the best terroirs in Switzerland and beyond. Whether you are looking for a local wine or a rare gem from another wine region, our collection will satisfy all your desires. Swiss Wines: A Tradition of Quality Switzerland is famous for its delicate and refined wines, produced in regions such as Valais, Vaud, and Ticino. Discover our iconic grape varieties such as Chasselas, Pinot Noir, and Merlot, which capture the essence of the Swiss Alps in every glass. European Wines: Diversity and Richness Our selection does not stop at the Swiss borders. Explore classic and modern wines from France, Italy, and Spain, where grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Tempranillo reign supreme. Each bottle brings a unique story and taste, enriching your table with international nuances.
    Wine Tourism Experiences and More Beyond wine sales, we offer unforgettable wine tourism experiences, tastings and events that will allow you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine. Our site is designed to guide you through these adventures, with personalized recommendations suited to every palate. Why Choose theWinefamily? Carefully selected assortment: Each wine is chosen for its quality and character. Fast and reliable delivery in Switzerland: Take advantage of our efficient delivery services directly to your door. Expert advice: Our passionate team is on hand to help you find the perfect wine for every occasion. At theWinefamily, we are committed to making wine accessible to everyone. Join our community of enthusiasts and let yourself be transported by the aromas and flavors of our exceptional collection. Explore, taste and celebrate the wonderful world of wine with us. Don't wait any longer, visit theWinefamily and discover the wine that speaks to you. The wine family is waiting for you to share unforgettable moments around a good bottle. Cheers !