Red wines

Red... The colour of love, passion and wine, of course! It's not just a colour; it's a world of flavours, a journey with every sip. Explore with us the diversity of the world's reds. Maybe you'll find your next favourite, or rediscover a classic in a new light.
So, take a moment, open a bottle, and let the reds take you away... to new stories, new horizons. After all, every red has a story to tell. Which one will be yours?
Vins rouges

    red wines

    Explore the delights of red wines from prestigious terroirs such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, California, Argentina and Portugal. Our online store offers you a diverse selection, something to suit all times and every food and wine pairing.
    Discover exceptional Swiss red wines, combining tradition and modernity. Whether you are looking for a full-bodied Pinot Noir or a light Gamay, our collection adapts to the refined tastes of Swiss enthusiasts. Explore the region's emblematic grape varieties, from the powerful Cornalin to the delicate nuances of Merlot, including Diolinoir, Divico and Galotta. Make every tasting, party or meal with friends a memorable moment, by choosing from our passionately selected red wines.