Domaine du Mont d’Or

The wine history of Valais is closely linked to the Domaine du Mont d'Or, its oldest estate, certified Bio-Bourgeon , symbolizing the challenges of local winegrowers. In the 19th century, several grape varieties, including Johannisberg, were introduced by the estate, paying homage to the Princes of Metternich with a distinctive green capsule. Since 1848, the year marking the birth of contemporary Switzerland, the Domaine du Mont d'Or has celebrated its terroir and perpetuated ancestral know-how. Its wines, true ambassadors of this centuries-old tradition, capture and express the very essence of this rich and authentic wine heritage.

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Les vendanges au Domaine du Mont d'Or
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Les vendanges de 1925 au Domaine du Mont d'Or

From the Land to Tradition: The Heritage of Domaine du Mont d’Or

The Domaine du Mont d'Or, anchored in Valais since 1848, is the work of François-Eugène Masson, a visionary who transformed arid lands into a prosperous vineyard. Masson, after being struck by the wine-growing potential of Valais, acquired land to cultivate innovative grape varieties, including Johannisberg. This estate combines respect for tradition and the quest for innovation, distinguishing itself through organic agricultural practices and wine production that celebrates the essence of the Valais terroir. The Domaine's wines, with their green capsule in homage to the Princes of Metternich, symbolize this excellence. They continue to forge Valais wine history, embodying the commitment to quality and innovation.

Visite au coeur des caves historiques du Domaine du Mont d'Or

Respect for Nature and Artisanal Winemaking: The Signature of Domaine du Mont d’Or

Under the direction of Marc-André Devantéry, the Domaine du Mont d'Or, certified Bio Bourgeon, combines tradition and modernity in its winemaking practice. The estate promotes an ecological approach, with Bruno Luyet as head of cultivation, to cultivate its vines while respecting the environment. In terms of winemaking, the estate excels through the use of wooden tuns and barrels, methods which enrich the complexity and character of its wines, while preserving the subtle nuances provided by its unique terroir.

The Domaine du Mont d’Or, Valais Wine Symbol

Since 1848, the Domaine du Mont d'Or has stood proudly in Valais, testifying to a wine history as rich as its terroir. Founded by the daring François-Eugène Masson, this estate transformed arid lands into a thriving vineyard, becoming a symbol of the regional wine tradition. On twenty-four hectares made up of 220 terraces supported by 15 kilometers of dry stone walls, the Domaine's winegrowers perpetuate ancestral know-how through their heroic work. The Domaine du Mont d'Or, certified Bio Bourgeon, respects its unique terroir in the heart of a natural site protected by the adoption of organic methods and the abandonment of synthetic phytosanitary products.
The Domaine's wines, whose artisanal winemaking combines the most modern techniques with barrel aging practiced since its origins, celebrate this commitment to excellence which defines Mont d'Or. Their recognition is international, highlighted each year by numerous distinctions, the most illustrious being the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1878 and the remarkable score of 99/100 for Cornalin Vieux Cachet at the Vinalies Internationales de Paris 2019 .