Cave St-Pierre

It's the wine at the heart of the Valais. It's the sky, powerful, indomitable. The earth in the hollow of this valley is rich. The stone, the mountains that rise like statues several kilometres into the air. The know-how of those who work the vines and the traditional grape varieties with love. A sip that expresses all this intensely. Give in to the temptation of the terroir in its raw state. Read more
Cave St-Pierre
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Un homme regarde le raisin au milieu de la vigne.

At the heart of know-how

This story of passion began in 1883. But it was here, in the last century, that Cave St-Pierre linked up with Maurice Gay, a winemaker of exceptional talent. Today, nearly three hundred guardians pamper these little fairies, the vine. These wines are love, passion still very much alive.

Un homme travaille sa vigne à la Cave St-Pierre.

A love story for nature

The care and precision of the gestures, the attention of the winegrowers, the vines, these fragile and aligned crops, contrast with a powerful and wild landscape.
The know-how of our natural artisans is reflected in the wines we offer. It's these details that make the difference.

Deux personnes volent au dessus du terroir de la Cave St-Pierre.

The flight of a terroir

From the first sip, we fly above this valley, we can see the mountains, the sun, the earth, the vines. Each grape variety that we taste expresses with finesse the strength of a terroir. Discover these wines with their full and tasty typicity.

Cave St-Pierre: The Sky, The Stone, The Earth, The Heart

Cave St-Pierre, the pulsating heart of Valais, is an ode to wine, the earth, the stone and the sky. In this valley where nature displays its grandeur, the mountains keep watch, like stone sentinels. The vines are pampered with devotion, each grape variety telling an exciting story. Today, three hundred dedicated souls lovingly cultivate these vines, these delicate fairies.
These wines are the expression of this love, of a passion that is in full swing, each bottle being a living testimony of this commitment. Cave St-Pierre is more than a wine. It is a tribute to Valais, a celebration of nature in its purest form.