Testuz, a house in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage.

From the slopes of Lavaux, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Testuz vineyard reflects a vision of wine, made from rigor, precision and patience. The Testuz house bears the heritage of a family that settled in 1538 on the heights of a unique terroir.

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux have an architecture worthy of a cathedral. A colossal work shaped by the hand of man, this haven of beauty has dimensions that evokes a response that is almost spiritual.

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Les vignes de la Maison Testuz, surplombant le Lac Léman.


From Lausanne to Chillon Castle stretches a majestic region, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. The terraced vineyards of Lavaux, with a sometimes dizzying slope, are made up of clay-sandstone, marl or schist soil. The walls and low walls are therefore essential to supporting these soils on which the vine expresses its greatest assets.

Les terrasses du Lavaux, des vignes de la Maison Testuz.

Dézaley Grand Cru

Clinging to very steep terraces, Dézaley is the most prestigious appellation in the canton of Vaud. Golden by the rays of the three suns (sky, water and walls), the grapes that ripen there are more structured and richer in sugar. Out of the entire 54-hectare appellation, Le Dézaley rouge only has 5 hectares, hence its rarity. Discover our two emblems, White Crossbow and Red Crossbow.

Les vignes du Dézaley.

Calamin Grand Cru

If you are looking for the village of Calamin, or the hamlet of the same name, don't waste time. It is in fact a small 16 ha area wedged between the village of Epesses and Lake Geneva. But make no mistake: despite its small surface area, Calamin benefits from the Grand Cru designation. It is one of those jewels where the greatest wines are expressed and which make the world of oenophiles unique.

Le village de St-Saphorin, au coeur des vignes.


The name “Roche Ronde” comes from a rock, located in the middle of the St-Saphorin vineyard, with a more or less round shape. Decomposed limestone elements give this wine a chalky character. Tumbling down terraces under a rocky spur to the east of the village, the vines of “La Roche Ronde” fill it with ardent and heady aromas of stone fruits, with a touch of sweet spices. On the palate, it achieves a beautiful balance between tenderness and energy. A flagship of Testuz.

Testuz, the excellence of Lavaux

The Coup de l'Etrier, the brand's emblem. The flagship range is available in four varieties: Chasselas, a blend of red grape varieties, rosé and sparkling. “Drink the stirrup” means “have a drink before leaving”. At the time when journeys were made on horseback, to give themselves the courage to set foot in the stirrup, the rider had a last drink. This century-old term - synonymous with offering a glass to drink - is a testimony of camaraderie and an invitation to share!
Testuz signature, vintages from prestigious appellations, vintages from niches clinging to the steep slopes overlooking the lake, discover our jewels: Arbalète white Dézaley Grand Cru, Arbalète red Dézaley Grand Cru, Puiné Calamin, Grand Cru, Roche Ronde Saint-Saphorin, Grand Cru, Borne Dézaley, Grand Cru.