Seize the 'wow' moment with our Hors Pistes selection! Concocted for adventurous palates, this selection is your golden ticket for a world tour of unique flavors. Here, we celebrate audacity with wines off the beaten track: mysterious terroirs, winemaking that shakes up the codes, and grape varieties that emerge from the shadows. Ideal for evenings where curiosity is king, 'Hors Pistes' is the promise of sparkling moments and lively discussions. You have the soul of an explorer and like to be surprised but have neither the time nor the courage to embark on a long search. So it’s over here!
Hors Pistes
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Discoveries are a bit like opening a treasure map without knowing what you will find. Sometimes it's a jackpot : a wine that transports us directly to the sun of a distant land or makes us taste the sweetness of a forgotten terroir . And other times, well, it's a bit like hoping for fireworks and ending up with a spark . But even in those “oops” moments , there is always something to learn , laugh , and share . After all, each bottle has its own story , even those that end up becoming the unexpected stars of our evening anecdotes. In short, discoveries are a guaranteed adventure on the wine route , off the beaten track , with ups, downs, and unexpected turns.