Chateau Mangot

Since 1556, the Mangot vineyard has been cited as a renowned wine-growing entity. In 1954, Simone and Jean Petit brought a new twist to the history of Château Mangot. Starting from nothing, their work and ambition made it possible to build the 34ha of Mangot vineyard. In 1989, the daughter of Jean and Simone, Anne-Marie, and her husband Jean-Guy Todeschini, decided to explore and develop its terroirs, aware of the potential of Mangot. In 2008, Karl and Yann, sons of Anne-Marie and Jean-Guy, joined the adventure and brought a new dynamic to Mangot. This family history of 70 years of work over 3 generations will have made it possible to write a new page in the history of Château Mangot by being promoted to “Grand Cru Classé” of Saint-Emilion, in 2022.

(certified organic farming since the 2020 vintage; biodynamic from the 2023 vintage)

Château Mangot
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